Two of the most typical different kinds of pond aeration systems are diffused aerators and surface aerators (fountains). Although each is effective, they both have specific positives and negatives that can make them a favorable option based on your own pond's qualities.

Diffused aeration systems take advantage of the strength of oxygen to clear the water column and infuse fresh air into the lake. Standard set up entails an oxygen compressor which forces fresh air through tubing right down to a diffuser(s) located at the bottom part of the pond. Once the air reaches the diffuser, the diffuser breaks it  into little bubbles which are released into the pond. The bubbling action of the oxygen rising to the surface area causes the water to de-stratify, meaning the poor, fresh air deprived h2o in the bottom of the pond is blended with the fresh air loaded water above, triggering noxious and dangerous gases to launch into the atmosphere. At the top, the location where the bubbles bust, extra the necessary oxygen transfer is created adding to the general the necessary oxygen content of the water.

Diffused air diffussion is often utilized in larger and deeper lakes and ponds of more than 8 ft deep. Diffused oygenation is much more energy efficient where large ponds are concerned though also providing the advantage of keeping electrical cables out of the water. In addition they result in little top agitation for those who prefer a sleek look to their particular water-feature or lake

Top aerators, as the title implies, are placed at the lakes surface. These types of units utilize a pump mounted under a float that pumps h2o from the pond into the fresh air or right at the top. Not like diffused aerators, surface aerators would be best used in small ponds and lakes. Oxygenation using floating aerators happens when the water that is splashed into the oxygen makes connection with the pond's surface when it comes back down. This interaction permits the venting of gasses and also the transfer of oxygen, however because all of the pumping of h2o and much needed oxygen transfer occurs at the top, little or no gain is gained at the bottom depths.

Surface aerators may also serve a double purpose. Aside form the primary function of oxygenating h2o, surface aerators can add aesthetic appeal as they are available with different spray patterns. However, if aeration is to be the primary function of the unit, it is important to select an aerator that creates a fine mist and a wider display. These kinds of units allow for greater venting and the necessary oxygen transfer as they create more turbulence at the pond’s surface.

Diffused aeration systems are the best way to aerate, create circulation and destratify ponds over 6 ft. deep. There are three basic parts to a diffused pond aeration system.

  1. air compressor
  2. air hose
  3. air diffuser

The air compressor sits on land and pumps air out through the hose to the air diffuser located on the bottom of the pond. The result is thousands of tiny bubbles rushing out of the diffuser to the pond surface, creating circulation and providing aeration.

There are several advantages to using diffused aeration kits instead of surface aerator:

  • The electric motor is on shore, not in the water
  • The Air diffusers lay on the bottom, ensuring aeration of entire pond from bottom to top, regardless of depth of the pond
  • Tubing lengths up to 2000 ft.can be achieved for ponds without electricity nearby.

The motors used in the aeration systems are designed for continuous duty operation and are oil-less for low maintenance. Periodic cleaning of air filter and replacement of diaphragm and gasket every few years is all the maintenance that is generally necessary. Air stones can be cleaned (if necessary) in muriatic acid to restore like-new performance. Custom kits can be built to fit your specific needs. Kits include everything needed for installation and operation except for tubing weights. Tubing is generally buoyant and will float on the surface. Some may require weights every 6-8 feet in order to sink, or you can optionally use self-weighted tubing.

We have recently added Kasco Robust-Aire Diffusers to our products on www.herrmannsfishfarm.com

Robust-Aire diffused air systems provide deep water aeration for ponds and lakes.
Diffused aeration is an effective method of aeration for ponds with depths greater than 8 feet.

Find the right Robust Aire diffused system to fit your size pond or lake and purchase online.

The key to a clean and healthy pond requires the use of an appropriate pond aeration system. Clean oxygen is what makes your pond water clean and healthy for aquatic vegetation and animals as well as clear drinking water. Fish require certain amounts of oxygen to survive. Reduction of these oxygen amounts can also lead to odorous smells originating from your own fish-pond as the break down associated with organic waste will change and may result in the output of hydrogen sulfide. Hydrogen sulfide is a colorless,  poisonous, flammable gas having a bad odor.

How do you increase the oxygen levels in your pond?

A pond aeration windmill is a good solution for adding oxygen to your water. Wind turbine aeration methods make use of diffused oxygenation to push air down to the bottom of the pond then allow bubbles to naturally come to the surface. This kind of oxygenation system is efficient for aerating much deeper ponds simply because the bubbles provide most of the work. In addition the aerator generates it’s power through the wind turbine not electrical  power.

I came across these nice images which easily explain the concept of Pond Aeration and why you would need a quality pond aeration system in your lake or pond.

Vertex Water Features supplied the graphics for this and of course they do sell some high quality water aeration products and lake fountains. Check out the graphics for a simplified explanation of lake water aeration in action.



Of course the graphics above are quite simplified and show a very even pond, which is not so common in the real world. Many ponds have different shapes and have different level on the bottom (different water depths). We can provide accurate systems for any shape pond. Contact Herrmann’s Fish Farm to speak with one of our experts.

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