Aquatic Vegetation

We provide the correct insight, knowledge, and equipment to aid you in your aquatic vegetation problems. We are commercially licensed and insured to purchase, sell, and spray aquatic herbicides and algaecides, and we use only labeled EPA approved chemical for aquatic environments. The chemical approach to aquatic weed control should always be performed by a professional due to the detrimental effects it could have on your fish population if used improperly. There are three different types of aquatic vegetation that can grow in a pond/lake; submergent, emergent, and floating, and we carry the proper herbicides, algaecides, and lake dyes to control them all. In extreme cases of nuisance aquatic vegetation, it may take multiple visits to control the matter completely. Due to the nature of the chemical and the decaying plant matter absorbing oxygen, applications should no sooner than 2-3 weeks apart.

A biological approach can be taken to help aid in weed and algae reduction in ponds/lakes. This approach can be used with a chemical approach to attack the problem areas quicker, or it can be used instead of a chemical approach. Triploid Grass Carp, and Tilapia are the two most common uses for a biological approach. Triploid Grass Carp are used for their ability to eat aquatic weeds, while Tilapia is used to control algae. Each has their specific use, and one should not be used for the other. This is a very safe method of aquatic vegetation control, and the pros and cons of these fish can be discussed if you choose to use this route.

Remember that some weeds can be beneficial to your overall aquatic environment as fish cover and water filtration, but too much can become unsightly and a problem very quick. A good tip is that your pond/lake should not exceed 20% coverage from either weeds or algae. If this amount is rapidly approaching, we can help identify the aquatic weeds, and begin a aquatic vegetation control treatment immediately.



Before Vegetation Control


 Aquatic vegetation pond and lake





After Vegetation Control


Aquatic vegetation pond and lake after



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